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Shekinah International Ministries has the mandate from God to preach the full Gospel to the Nations. A ministry who conducts Gospel Campaigns in India and the Nations. SIM has seen in the past years thousands of lives hearing the Gospel and giving their lives to The Lord. A ministry who conducts Gospel Campaigns whith their own expense and also ministers when they are invited by other chruches for their events.

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I read your book that belonged to another member. I read it in one day. I could not put it down! It needs to get out in a greater fashion! ."Broken for the Harvest"

she had a lump on her breast and in the meeting the Lord healed her and her lump was disappeared.

He couldn"t read small alphabets without glasses , but in the meetings Lord touched him and he could read small alphabets without glasses.

She came to the meeting with a big lump on her back and while praying for the sick her lump vanished and she is healed .

He came to the meeting with a problem of deafness for two year and in the meeting the Lord pop opened his ears and he can hear properly now.


  • 01-11-2016

    Rev.Rakesh will be in UAE for 15 days for meetings, if you are interested contact us is info@shekinahim.org. SIM ...

  • 01-09-2016

    Rev.Rakesh will be in his US tour from the first week of September to November first week .If you would like to have him in your church for meetings kindly contact us in info@shekinahim.org for more details..SIM ...

  • 08-05-2016

    Rev.Rakesh will be ministering in Rev.Christopher "s church , who is the central section Superintend . ...

  • 14-05-2016

    Rev.Rakesh will be minstering in Kauntan Assembly for special meetings on 14th and 15th, long with a few other churches in Kauntan. ...

  • 05-05-2016

    Rev.Rakesh will be ministering in Melaka for the bilingual service {Malaysia} ...