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Shekinah International Ministries has the mandate from God to preach the full Gospel to the Nations. A ministry who conducts Gospel Campaigns in India and the Nations. SIM has seen in the past years thousands of lives hearing the Gospel and giving their lives to The Lord. A ministry who conducts Gospel Campaigns whith their own expense and also ministers when they are invited by other chruches for their events.

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Hello Pastor Rakesh,my name is Dany,i am from Cochin,Kerala(ZION HOUSE OF PRAYER).I am writing this mail to let you know that your book 'Broken for the Harvest' was a blessing to me,i am 25 year

Praise the Lord Pastor,

I just finished reading your book on Friday, I really liked it it is a
great testimony and reading it has encouraged me spiritually a lot.

She came to the campaingn with great pain in her stomach and she could not raise her hands ,but in the Campaign Jesus healed her of both this problems ,she was made whole

He was completly healed of his sickness and he came forward to sheare the testimony {Tamil Nadu meetings}

She was co,mpletly healed {Tamil nadu meetings}


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